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2017-01-26 has got its first international blog. The writer is Gary Fleming, who will be sharing tips and interesting stories from his many years as a cyclist.
– I hope to contribute with my knowledge and experience, he says.

Gary Fleming moved from England to Sweden in the late 1980’s and had already been cycling for 10 years. In 1990 he entered Vätternrundan – after a bet with a friend. One race became two and then three – and for the summer it’s time for Gary to complete his 25th Vätternrundan.
But it wasn’t that obvious back then that it was going to be that many.
– The first one went so damn good. Not the time, but the feeling. Despite the fact that I rode in my football kit, indoor trainers and my bicycle had a front panier and toe-clip pedals. Cycle shorts were the only biking garment I had. So of course, we would ride the following year as well, only this time it was not as easy.
– It was the worst ride I’d ever experienced. It rained for 280 out of 300 kilometers and stormwinds blew in from Vättern. Yet I couldn’t stop at two rides, I had to make it three. When that one also went well, the next decision was to make five races. Then the target became ten. The tenth Vättern was completed 1999. Then I just had to ride during the new millenium as well.

At the end of 2002 came the next setback – it was discovered that Gary had a tumour the size of a grapefruit in the large intestine. A series of succesful treatment and operations in London saw him receive a clean bill of health in 2008 and Gary now cycles up to 10 000 kilometers a year.
– I don’t do it to torture my body or chase good times, but to feel good. The more I cycle, the better i feel and the easier it gets to cycle.

The blog will be in English. There ”Flemingway”, a name he was given on a cycling trip in Italy, will tell his story, how he began to ride the bike and give his top tips on how to make Vätternrundan a memorable experience.
– It could be about signs or how to act in a peloton. I get the feeling that the number of cyclists in clubs have reduced in recent years, which leads to a lot of knowledge getting lost. I will also write about some races I will ride during the spring, including the ”Three Peaks Challenge” in Australia; 240 kilometers and 4 000 meters of climbing, he says.
– Moreover, I have a footnote in each post, where I shortly describe every Vätternrundan I have cycled. Year by year.

Text: Pierre Henriksson
Foto: Privat

The first post is already published and can be read here.

Gary Fleming

Age: 53.
Lives in: Norrköping, Sweden.
Motto: ”My destination is not my goal, the road is my goal”.