Medlem sedan: 5/14/2016


Gary Fleming: Currently a 53year old father of five girls living in Sweden who loves nothing more than to get out on the road and pedal. You are cordially invited to join me at this blogg where I will re-tell the stories, experiences and history of my own battles with my trusty carbon steed plus reporting on current topics such as motorist vs cyclists, training rides and camps, cycling in other parts of the world and finally what you may or may not have thought about; what you may need to make your Vätternrundan an event to remember. All this whilst leading up to what I hope will be a finish in Motala on June 17th where I will receive my 25th medal and reach Veteran status. I know, I don’t look old enough do I! ;) I have only one motto when it comes to cycling. ”My destination is not my goal, the road is my goal”